One Direction Fan Club

A Safe Haven For Fans

This is a website where you can let out your love for One Direction. This is a safe haven for fans to meet other fans. 

Here, you can learn about One Direction, teach about One Direction, and ultimately talk about them. I, myself am a huge Directioner.                                                                                                                                            RULES:
  1. You are allowed to curse, but please keep it PG.
  2. No arguements. If you think someone is wrong, nicely tell them. If they don't listen, I will have me or the seniors' talk to them.
  3. No hating. Anyone who hates on Taylor or the fans will be removed.
  4. Always listen to seniors'.
  5. You are allowed in any shape or form, gender, no matter your sexual orientation. If anyone makes fun of you, tell me or the seniors', and that person will be removed.
Though please don't be mean. Then I will have a talk with you.
To be a senior you have to message me telling me you think you are ready. I can only have about fifteen, so be fast. I will have a test for you on Taylor Swift, and if you get a 90% or above I will allow you to be a senior.
Seniors will have an "x" in front of there name. For example, if there was someone named Jamie, and she became a senior, her name would change to xJamie.